Monday, June 2, 2014

Richmond Graphics SM3000 Metal halide Exposure Unit $2,999

We have this Richmond Graphics SM3000 Tri-Metal Halide Exposure unit for sale. If your looking to make the jump from your table top Florescent bulb exposure unit into a unit that not only can expose your screens faster but give you sharper more crisper edges. This unit has a 3 month old bulb in it as well. The rubber blanket is in great shape as well.
7K Watt Single source bulb
Light Integration
30 programmable channels
Vacuum seal

Price: $2,995

Buyer is responsible for freight cost.

If interested please call/text Jason @ (770)-771-8236 or Email


We have this 2000 Anatol Mariah Gas Dryer available for sale. If your looking to make the move from an electric dryer to a Gas dryer but only have room for your Automatic and your manual press this is the dryer for you. Whether your using Platisol Ink or Waterbased Inks the Anatol Mariah gas dryer will cure your inks and be more efficient at the same time.
5' of In-feed
10' of Heat Chamber
5' of Out-feed
Adjustable Belt Speed Control
Digital Temperature Control
Recirculating Air
Single Burner

Cash Price: $10,000

Finance Price is $12,000 with $6,000 Down and Short Term Finance over 6 Months with $1,000 payments per month.

Price does not include Teardown or Set up. Buyer is Responsible for all Freight Cost and Set up cost. All power and Gas lines must be installed before the Dryer is shipped.

Guaranteed 100% at Set up.

If interested please feel free to call/text (770)-771-8236 Jason or Email

2012 Anatol 8 Color 10 Station All Air Horizon $25,000

We have this 8 Color 10 Station Anatol Horizon 2012 All Air Driven Press. This press is in like New condition and has a VERY LOW Impression count. So, if you were looking at a new Anatol Horizon 8/10 press at $32,300 with Flash unit add $2,860 we can definitely save you some money over the new price of one. Our seller is up-grading to a larger press that is the reason for the sale. He is keeping his Rapid Wave Quartz Flash but not keeping the Adult pallets, Squeegee's or Flood Bars. So, the buyer will have to purchase a new Rapid Wave Quartz Flash for the press.
Full set of 16" Squeegee & Flood Bars
Full set of Adult 16"x22" Slide Style Quick Release
Impression Count: 110K Impressions

Price: $25,000

Price includes: Teardown And set-up of the press. Buyer is Responsible for Rental truck, Fuel, Hotel, & Food.

We have a leasing company we work with if your wanting to finance or lease the equipment.

If interested please feel free to call/text (770)-771-8236 Jason or email

2000 Anatol 8 Color 10 Station All Air Trident $14,000 Cash Price

We have this 8 Color 10 Station 2000 Anatol Trident All air Driven press for Sale. It also comes with a 7.5hp compressor and 1 Rapid Wave Quartz Flash.
1 Rapid Wave Quartz Flash
1 Brown Infrared Flash
Full set of Adult Slide Style Pallets
Full set of 16" squeegees & Flood bars
1 7.5hp Compressor

Cash Price: $14,000

Financed Price $15,000 with $10,000 Down and Short Term 5 month $1,000 Payments each month.

Price includes teardown & set up!

Buyer is responsible for Delivery cost Truck rental & Fuel. Buyer is also responsible for Hotel, and food.

If your interested please call Jason @ (770)-771-8236 or Email